Real Estate Appraising & Consulting

Regional Commercial Real Estate Appraisals (licensed in multiple states)

Commercial real estate appraisals are a combination of both art and science. The valuation process is a systematic procedure an appraiser follows to provide answers to a clientís questions about real property value. The appraisal profession uses a series of well-established analytical techniques to best conclude the most accurate value of the real property. 

The Scope of work for commercial appraisals includes:

  • Mortgage Financing for Collateral Assessment
  • Estate and/or Tax Planning
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Ad-valorem tax appeal purposes
  • Providing opinions for property owners to establish a listing price or assisting buyers with a purchase price

MVC has extensive experience appraising various types of real estate. A list of properties include but are not limited to: commercial, industrial, hospitality, office, special-purpose properties, hospitals, surgery centers, assisted & independent living, nursing homes, golf courses, acreage, quarries, multi-family developments, residential subdivisions and vacant land.  

Multi-family developments  |  Fraternity & Sorority Housing  |  Mobile Home Parks

Auto Car Washes | Oil Change Facilities  |  Convenience Stores  |  Fuel Stations

Quarries  |  Golf Courses

Neighborhood & Retail Strip Malls  |  Office Buildings

Hospitality Facilities  |  Industrial and Warehouse  |  Churches